Raw Chemicals

Chemistrium Co. provides all kind of chemicals used in the primary production or manufacturing in formulated chemical products.
Raw chemicals, also known as bulk chemicals or commodity chemicals, are basic chemical substances that are produced in large quantities for various industrial applications. These chemicals serve as the building blocks for the manufacturing of a wide range of products, from plastics and pharmaceuticals to textiles and electronics. They are typically produced in high volumes and have relatively low added value compared to specialty or fine chemicals.
Some common characteristics of raw chemicals include:
Mass Production: Raw chemicals are produced in large quantities to meet the demands of various industries. This typically involves continuous or batch processes in chemical plants.
Essential Building Blocks: These chemicals are fundamental to the production of countless end-use products. They serve as essential components in various manufacturing processes.
Limited Purity: Raw chemicals may not have the high purity levels required for specific applications. They are often further processed or refined to meet specific quality standards.
Versatility: Raw chemicals can have multiple uses across different industries. For example, ethylene and propylene are raw chemicals used in the production of plastics, but they also serve as starting materials for various other chemical products.